Non Permanent Organic Tattoos

Get temporary tattoo that look & feel real - without the commitment!

Be it a child's birthday party or a hen's party, level up your event with custom tattoo stickers. If you are organising a corporate event, do let your guests inkyour company logo and take away with good vibes from your party.  

Simply upload your own logos or artwork and have beautiful, high quality temporary tattoos delivered right to you.

▪ Pain-free

▪ Easy & safe application

▪ 100% organic formula

▪ Looks real on skin

▪ Waterproof

▪ Full colour with addon white ink option

How to remove

▪ Rub gently with baby oil or makeup remover. Repeat if necessary.


▪ Do not apply to sensitive or hypoallergenic skin.

Price Calculator (Excl. Tax)

Total (Excl Tax)$ 280.00
Estimated Total$ 280.00