Make an impression with our 360gsm premium business cards

It is no secret that the 360gsm premium laminated business cards are our all time bestseller! From home bakers, IT startups, SOHOs to VCs, so many discerning customers have ordered our Premium Matte business cards and they keep coming back for more!

It is easy to figure out why the premium laminated business cards are unrivalled. Rest assured that it is simply love at first touch with these high quality, thick and sturdy satin finished business cards. Make a big impact and reach out to your business associates with quality business cards.

Our free online easy design tool makes it easier for you to create a business card layout. Simply add text, photos, or logos and you’re done.

▪ Price starts from $32 for 100 cards.

▪ Free uploads of photos, logos and designs.

▪ Create in minutes by using our custom design tool.

▪ Choose from hundreds of design and edit to make it your own.

▪ Single or double sided 4-colour printing.

▪ Square or rounded corners.

▪ Print quantity from 100 to 1000 cards.

Material type

▪ Sturdy 360gsm 

▪ Matte or Gloss finished.

Tips for creating your business cards

▪ Make your logo the most prominent element on the card.

▪ Keep it simple. Don't cram too much information on the card.

▪ Do include the essential contact details.

▪ Make sure your name, contact details and business entity are legible.

▪ Make sure the typeface is easily readable.

▪ Stick to one or two colors.

FSC Certified for environmental friendliness

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